How Arrive NationBuilder Theme Helped Jason Williams Win the 2020 District Attorney Election in New Orleans

In 2020, Jason Williams ran for the position of District Attorney in New Orleans. He needed a website that could help him reach out to potential voters and supporters, gather volunteer signups, and showcase his platform. That’s when he turned to Chuckwalla Design and our Arrive NationBuilder theme.

Building a People Database of Over 10,000 Individuals

Using Arrive and NationBuilder, Williams was able to amass a people database of over 10,000 individuals. The website made it easy for visitors to sign up for Williams’ email list, which helped him keep supporters engaged and informed throughout the campaign.

Gathering 300 Volunteer Signups with 123FormBuilder

To gather information about volunteers, we helped Williams build an intake form using 123FormBuilder. The form was integrated with NationBuilder, allowing Williams to collect 300 volunteer signups. This was crucial for building a strong campaign team and reaching out to potential supporters.

Arrive: One of NationBuilder’s Best Selling Themes

Arrive is one of NationBuilder’s best selling themes. Almost 100 Arrive themes have been sold, which have been used by political candidates, nonprofits, and advocacies to win elections, gain supporters, and build community. Other successful Arrive users include:

Blumenfield for Los Angeles City Council

Mitzie E. Collins for Austin City Council

Shepherd Park Citizens Association

Pamela Price for District Attorney in Alameda County

Cycle Wellington

Chuckwalla Design: Your Partner in Winning Elections

Chuckwalla Design is dedicated to helping political candidates, nonprofits, and advocacies build winning campaigns. Our Arrive NationBuilder theme is just one of the many tools we use to help our clients succeed. We also offer custom design services, website development, and digital marketing strategies to help our clients reach their goals.

Conclusion: Arrive and NationBuilder Help Build Winning Campaigns

Arrive and NationBuilder are powerful tools for building winning campaigns. They make it easy to build a people database, gather volunteer signups, and keep supporters engaged and informed. With the help of Chuckwalla Design and our expertise in NationBuilder, political candidates like Jason Williams have been able to succeed in their campaigns and make a positive impact on their communities.

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