Case Study: Revolutionizing the Cost of Living Calculator


In August 2023, Chuckwalla Design took on a project for the Dallas Regional Chamber, developing a sophisticated cost of living calculator. This innovative tool was designed to assist individuals considering a move to the Dallas-Fort Worth-Plano region by providing valuable insights into the cost disparities between their current location and the dynamic Dallas metropolitan area. This case study showcases the remarkable success of the new cost of living calculator and its potential impact on chambers of commerce across the United States.


Chuckwalla Design, a digital agency specializing in web development and design, was contracted by the Dallas Regional Chamber to create an enhanced cost of living calculator. The goal was to craft a user-friendly and informative tool to aid individuals in making informed decisions about relocating to the Dallas region. Since its launch on August 15, 2023, the cost of living calculator has exceeded expectations.

Key Metrics

Usage Statistics

The new cost of living calculator has demonstrated significant monthly increases in user engagement when compared to the previous version. Here are the monthly averages and percentage increases:

  • Old Calculator (Jan 1 – August 14, 2023)
    • Average Monthly Views: 1,408
    • Average Monthly Users: 753
    • Average Engagement: 38 seconds
    • Views per User: 1.87
  • New Calculator (August 15 – September 14, 2023)
    • Average Monthly Views: 2,781 (Increase of 97.5%)
    • Average Monthly Users: 1,315 (Increase of 74.7%)
    • Average Engagement: 57 seconds (Increase of 50%)
    • Views per User: 2.41 (Increase of 28.3%)

These impressive figures underscore the enhanced appeal and effectiveness of the updated tool, with substantial monthly increases across key engagement metrics.

This image is showing the page views, average engagement time, event count, conversions, and total revenue for five different page paths and screen classes over a period of time from August 15th to September 15th, 2023. Full Text: A + Pages and screens: Page path and screen class 0 - +) Custom Aug 15 - Sep 15, 2023 Views by Page path and screen class over time Views by Page path and screen class 3K 1 2K living/ /cost-calculato r/ 1K /culture/sports - /healthcare/ 0 20 27 03 10 0 2K 4K 6K 8K 10K . / . /living/ /cost-calculator/ . /culture/sports/ . /healthcare/ Q Search ... Rows per page: 10 Go to: 1 < 1-10 of 339 > Page path and screen class + Views Views per use! Average engagement time Event count Conversions Total revenue All events - All events ---------------- 31,839 10,399 3.06 0m 39s 94,704 0.00 $0.00 100% of total 100% of total Avg 0% Avg 0% 100% of total 1 1 8,871 2,943 3.01 0m 19s 21,84 0.00 $0.00 2 /living/ 3,404 1,372 2.48 0m 39s 10,834 0.00 $0.00 3 /cost-calculator/ 2,917 1,211 2.41 0m 57s 10,259 0.00 $0.00 4 /culture/sports/ 2,319 1,071 2.17 0m 02s 6,740 0.00 $0.00 5 /healthcare/ 1,882 976 1.93 Om 03s 5,450 0.00 $0.00

Website-Wide Engagement

Since January 1, 2023, the Say Yes to Dallas website has received a total of 160,877 views and attracted 54,563 users. The new cost of living calculator page has significantly contributed to these figures, underlining its role as a crucial asset for the website.

Calculator Features

The new cost of living calculator offers valuable insights into various cost categories that greatly influence a person’s decision to relocate. These categories include:

  1. Groceries: Compare the cost of everyday grocery items in your current location to those in Dallas.
  2. Housing: Analyze the differences in housing expenses, a major factor in the cost of living.
  3. Utilities: Understand variations in utility costs such as electricity, water, and gas.
  4. Transportation: Calculate expenses related to commuting and transportation in both locations.
  5. Healthcare: Assess healthcare costs, an essential consideration for individuals and families.
  6. Miscellaneous: Explore various miscellaneous expenses like dining out, haircuts, beauty salons, dry cleaning, vet services, and leisure activities such as buying beer and wine.
The image is showing that groceries in Dallas, TX are 11% cheaper than in Los Angeles-Long Beach, CA. Full Text: say yeso - Dallas Dallas Regional Chamber OBS LIVING PARKS & OUTDOORS L CULTURE RECRUITING TOOLKIT Q f D in ~ In Dallas TX, your groceries will cost 11% less than in Los Angeles-Long Beach CA. That means you'll have some extra cash in your pocket to spend on things you love! TYPE LOS DALLAS NATIONAL ANGELES- AVERAGE LONG BEACH Whole Milk $3.86 $3.52 $3.59 Eggs $4.53 $3.37 $3.43 Bread $4.23 $4.04 $3.95 Coffee $6.57 $5.34 $5.57 Detergent $20.46 $20.79 $19.96 Potato Chips $3.82 $3.65 $3.56 1

Regional Comparison

The cost of living calculator goes beyond just Dallas; it also enables users to compare costs across the entire Dallas-Fort Worth-Plano region. This feature caters to a broader audience and offers insights into the diverse options available within the metropolitan area.


The revamped Cost of Living calculator, developed by Chuckwalla Design for the Dallas Regional Chamber, has proven to be a game-changer. Its user-friendly interface, detailed cost breakdowns, and regional comparisons have significantly increased user engagement and website traffic. The success of this tool not only benefits newcomers to Dallas but also serves as an inspiration for chambers of commerce nationwide to provide valuable resources for those contemplating a move. As the new cost of living calculator continues to draw attention and attract users, it stands as a testament to Chuckwalla Design’s commitment to creating effective digital solutions and helping organizations nationwide provide essential information to their audiences.

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