How a Los Angeles Dinner Club Increased Email Signups and Grew Its Audience

Josh Gray-Emmer, a socially conscious entrepreneur based in Downtown Los Angeles, runs BridGE, an agency that engages with the community and promotes positive change. His most beloved project is the DTLA Dinner Club, a one-of-a-kind dining experience featuring guest chefs and like-minded individuals. With a website redesign, Josh was able to increase email signups and grow the dinner club’s audience.

Increased Email Signups and Website Traffic

Thanks to the website redesign, the DTLA Dinner Club has seen a substantial increase in email signups, more than doubling the previous count. Furthermore, the new site has attracted a larger audience, with 43,726 new users compared to 30,617 on the previous site. Using NationBuilder as the CMS has allowed Josh to create more buzz with email blasts than ever before.

Join the Waitlist Logic

The Dinner Club is an exclusive event, and to maintain this exclusivity, the website includes a “Join the Waitlist” page. This feature allows people to sign up when events are sold out, helping Josh to manage attendees and keep the experience intimate.

Dynamic and Easy to Update

The new website is dynamic and easy to update, making it simple to add new sponsors, press, or a photo gallery as they happen. This ensures that the content stays fresh and encourages visitors to return.

Networking and Community Building

The DTLA Dinner Club is not just about good food and good times. It’s also a platform for like-minded individuals to network and build community. Josh’s events highlight guest chefs and provide a space for them to gain publicity. The Dinner Club is just one way in which Josh’s Bridge agency is revitalizing and building community in DTLA.


The redesign and development of the DTLA Dinner Club website have resulted in a substantial increase in email signups and audience growth for Josh Gray-Emmer. The new site is dynamic, easy to update, and features a “Join the Waitlist” page, which maintains exclusivity and intimacy. Above all, the Dinner Club fosters a community of like-minded individuals and provides guest chefs with a unique platform for publicity.

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