How a Website Redesign Boosted Frank Kitchen’s Revenue by 60%

Frank Kitchen, a public speaker, approached us with the goal of attracting more lucrative clients through a new website design. Our team conducted extensive research and implemented a commanding design that highlighted Frank’s strengths and simplified the user experience.

A Modern Design That Stands Out in a Competitive Industry

Our team understood the competitive landscape of the public speaking industry and aimed to create a website design that would set Frank apart from his competitors. By utilizing bold statements, abstract shapes, and dynamic videos, we created a modern design that immediately captured visitors’ attention and conveyed a sense of growth and progress.

Streamlined User Experience for Easy Bookings

We also prioritized the user experience, making it easier for potential clients to hire Frank with numerous, large “book now” buttons and streamlined booking forms. Additionally, we simplified and reorganized Frank’s large catalog of videos and blog posts for easy viewing, further enhancing the user experience.

Results of the Website Redesign: Tripled Web Traffic and 60% Revenue Increase for Frank Kitchen Enterprises

The results of Frank Kitchen Enterprises’ website redesign are impressive. The new design captured visitors’ attention with its modern and commanding look and feel, while streamlined booking forms and simplified content organization improved the user experience. Since the launch of the new site, web traffic has tripled, and revenue has increased by 60% over the last two years, even during a pandemic. By partnering with us and implementing a results-driven design, Frank Kitchen Enterprises has been able to attract more lucrative clients and achieve their business goals.

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